Aloha cannot be repackaged and sold.

As Native Hawaiian activist and journalist Anne Keala Kelly said in an interview with Deep Green Resistance:

“‬Embedded in every American theft is the denial of that theft,‭ ‬be it theft of land,‭ ‬culture,‭ ‬nationhood,‭ ‬all the things that define a people,‭ ‬all that they need to survive as a people.‭ ‬The exploitation and appropriation of Hawaiian identity and cultural identifiers,‭ ‬like lei and lū‘au is in keeping with that centuries old tradition…The sort of appropriation is possible because we’ve been remade,‭ ‬turned into a strangely passive icon that represents entertainment to Americans.‬‬‬‬‬‬”


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